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Our Company

AT Languages is a close team of experienced Chinese interpreters dedicated to providing professional solutions to clients who require effective cross-culture communication.    

Our linguists are all MA or above degree trained, professionally certified  and well versed in  nuances between cultures . Their years of experience  assures peace of mind for you venturing into an unknown world. 



We provide worldwide interpreting services  between Chinese and English languages across all sectors, from the complicated financial area to volatile politics and down to strict sciences. 

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Our Services

Connect & Communicate with Confidence
   - Direct Access to Professional  Chinese Interpreters 

We are a selective network of professional Chinese  language interpreters. Established for over a decade, we have been working with embassies, foreign offices, international organizations and prestigious universities across continents, to provide top quality interpreting services at high-profile occasions. 

Whether it is about law, politics, medicines, finance or technology, we stand at the forefront to  break the barrier to communication, and act as an embassador  in promoting exchange between cultures. ​​